Occitan land par excellence, the Maira Valley is the green heart of the Cottian Alps. Occitania, also known as Pays D'Oc, is a historic area of Europe, not delimited by political boundaries, but founded on the spread of the Occitan language.

Occitania comprises part of the states of France, Monaco, Italy and Spain and is a 'non-state' as a nation considered to be forbidden, where unique traditions such as music, folk dances, customs and persecuted religions have developed. Occitania's coat of arms is the Cross of the Counts of Toulouse, or Cathar, and is blood-red surrounded by gold, recalling fierce battles and ancient treasures.

Dronero is the gateway to the Maira Valley and rises 621 m above sea level. With its extraordinary architectural heritage, made up of original monuments such as the Ponte Del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge), the noble palaces and the fascinating churches, it enchants tourists and becomes an obligatory stop on the journey through the Maira Valley.


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The snow shows between November and March. The rain is slightly more plentiful between April and May and between September and October.


  • The Occitan Museum Son de Lenga di Espaci Occitan – in Summer: Wednesday from 15 hours to 18 hours; Thursday and Friday from 9 hours to 12 hours and from 15 hours to 18 hours; Saturday morning open. Via Val Maira 19, 12025 Dronero. Telephone: 0171 904075.
  • Malè Museum – open on Saturaday, on Sunday, and festives from 15 hours to 19 hours. Via Valmala 9, 12025 Dronero. Telephone: 0171 291014.
  • Seles Museum – open on Sunday from 10 hours to 12 hours and from 14 hours to 18 hours. Via Val Maira, 19 Celle of Macra. Telephone: 0171 904075.
  • La Scuola di Montagna Museum – Borgata Paschero 12, Stroppo. Information and booking telephone: 0171 999112.
  • Pels (hair) Museum – Borgata Serre, Elva. Information and booking telephone: 340 9846508.
  • Canapa and Del Lavoro Femminile Musuem – Via Nazionale 9, Prazzo inferior. Information and booking telephone 0171 99123.
  • Arte Sacra Museum – Chiesa della Confraternita, Acceglio. Information and booking telephone: 0171 99008.

Attractions of the unknown area all over the world:

  • Chiesa Parrocchiale of Santa Maria Assunta – Borgata Serre 3, Elva. Here there are the famous frescoes of the Flemish painter Hans Clemer.
  • Riserva Naturale dei Ciciu del Villar – Via Ciciu, Villar San Costanzo. A park rich of natural sculptures due to a special phenomenon of erosion, from the mushrooms shape, whose stem is made of land and the upper part from flat huge rocks.


  • Dronero, Piazza XX Settembre 3. Open every day from 9 hours until 12:30 hours and from 13:30 hours to 16 hours; on Thursday open on in the morning; Saturaday and Sunday closed. Telephone: 0171 917080.
  • Acceglio, Borgo Villa. Seasonally open: only in the months of July and August. Telephone: 0171 99424.


GRANDABUS for the Cuneo – Dronero path. BENESE for the Dronero – Acceglio path.